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The SOLIDAIR rate is a support to artistic creation during this health crisis.
**Program available on April 18 at 8pm (Central Europe Time) for 24 hours

Ô: Compagnie PrÄk with Chloé Dupeyrat (FR) 8min

Ô plunges the viewer into the abyssal narcosis of a system at the end of its rope and invites them to question our reality perverted by violence.
Concept & direction: Katia Ben Belkacem & Chloé Dupeyrat Realisation: Chloé Dupeyrat Choreography: Katia Ben Belkacem Main Performers: Anne Eyer, Katia Ben Belkacem, Maria Cipriano


Brief Candle: Dorotea Saykaly (CA) 6min

The sequel to PAINTED puts Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Christina’s World’ into motion, and explores how bio-electricity galvanizes into discovering muscular intelligence. Light field setup with 50 lamps, thousands of feet of power cord, and careful visual effects in post.
Written & Directed: Duncan McDowall Choreography & Interpretation: Dorotea Saykaly  Cinematography: Loïc Surprenant and Seb Delporte  Music: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, additional music by Nans Bortuzzo.


Donde el cielo nos abrazó: Javier Pérez Caicedo & Scotty Hardwig (EC/US) 16min

Donde el cielo nos abrazó (where the sky embraced us)is a sequence of choreographic vignettes focused on the raw expressive power of human connection and ensemble-based choreography through touch and momentum. Choreography & Direction: Scotty Hardwig Produced: Javier Perez. Performers: National Company Ecuador Music: Scotty Hardwig, Sunsearcher, Michael Wall Videography: Scotty Hardwig, Vinicio Cóndor, Galo Perrin, Paola Carrasco, Maricela Rivera


Disappearingreen: Proyecto al Margen (MX) 15min

The intention of this video dance is to “make nature appear” in spaces that seem to have been forgotten, where at some point it was and is no longer there. This work questions the human-nature relationship, showing a subject nature instead of an object, or a resource. Nature as a synonym of interior, of life and death, of a parallel time that is there and exists without being seen.
Direction/Interpretation/Choreography & Concept: Karen De Luna Fors Cinematography: Ricardo Arzola y Sabas Alvarado Edition: Dutch Rall Music: Dutch Rall, Diego Martinez Lanz & Mark Cook