Solid·Air : A digital platform for today’s international makers !

1st edition of the online festival that transcends borders through the web ! 

Our values : Creativity, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.


Get inspired by the work of today’s makers.

Discover a way to new modes of dissemination, consumption and cultural participation.

Worldwide viewing and easy access wherever you are.

Different ticket categories through a secure box office: You choose what you want, what you can!

Artists need YOU
and YOU need them!

Solid·Air is an online platform founded to offer a digital space allowing artists and public to remain immersed in the dance world through interviews and online performances.

The festival brings together artists / collaborators from different latitudes and cultural backgrounds promoting diversity of expression, creating bridges between near and far and pushing boundaries of our knowledge. In a complex and divided world questioned by the unprecedented and ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the arts continue to bring us together, to make us feel, to reconnect us to the experiences of what it means to be human. The Solid-Air festival offers a rich, diverse program accessible to all. Each program will be available on the platform for 24 hours, giving everyone the opportunity to discover the diversity of cultural expression offered by the artists, makers of today.

2021 Participants 

Astrid Boons – Kristen Carcone – Lux Boreal – Pascal Marty & Jim de Block – Corps itinérants – Cie PrÄk – Les carnets Bagouet –  Marécage – Sita Ostheimer – Human Fields – Lewis Major Projects – Dorotea Saykaly – Stefanie Nelson Dance Group – Julia Eichten – Nicole Von Arx – Anatomy Zero – Cortocinesis& Colectivo Unico – MEC – Faizah Grootens with The Legendary Black Ice & KIP Republic – Eluda dance Co. – Omar Carum & Angelica Acuña– CatalinaNavarrete & Yuki Pastrana – Proyecto al margen – Laleget Danza – Moving Borders – Foco al Aire – CuatroxCuatro – Puntos de partida – Tom Weinberger – Compagnie Les vagues – Renato González – Sarah Matry-Guerre – Emilie Leriche – Lee Yuan Tu & Jan Spotak