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The SOLIDAIR rate is a support to artistic creation during this health crisis.
**Program available on April 01 at 8pm (Central Europe Time) for 24 hours

The Coat: Faizah Grootens with Laleget Danza (NDL/MX) 22min

A coat as a metaphor of comfort, strength and support turns into a main character alongside the two dancers. A coat that becomes a person itself for all that it might represent. An object that is related to protection or a natural shield organically relates to identity. But,
what’s identity nowadays?
Choreography: Faizah Grootens in collaboration with Laleget Danza Performers: Faizah Grootens and Diego Vázquez Music: Camerata Romeu

Epilogue: Lewis Major Projects (AU) 25min

Epilogue is at once a deconstruction of and a meditation on, classicism and the role that beauty has played in the shaping of the
Western canon. A crystallized dance work exploring different processes and aesthetics to create a new language for acclaimed French soloist, Pascal Marty, at the intersection of this collaboration is a hypnotic performance where modernity and tradition interact in perfect
Choreography: Lewis Major Performer: Pascal Marty Music: Dane Yates after Claude Debussy