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The SOLIDAIR rate is a support to artistic creation during this health crisis.
**Program available on April 02 at 8pm (Central Europe Time) for 24 hours

Cenizas de los pasos : Catalina Navarrete y Yuki Pastrana (MX) 16min

From Michoacán to your screen, discover a vegetationborn from the ashes. Cross waves of volcanic rock and reach the crater of Paricutín, a volcano that humans saw being born.
Artistic direction: Yuki Pastrana Choreography & interpretation: Catalina Navarrete y Yuki Pastrana
Photography: Wenceslao López y Adán Ruiz


LanDance 1-3: Eluda Dance Co. (DK) 12min

LanDance 2019 consists of 3 dance films created on 3 monuments by international artists and architects such as Ai Weiwei, Roxana Montiel, Dellekamp Architects and HHF Architects, located on a pilgrimage route in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico.
Artistic Director and Choreographer: Emilie Lund.  Performers and Co-choreographers: Aranza Flores, Paulina Medina, Estefanía Lagos, Leonardo Blanco, Emilie Lund y Karen de Luna Fors. Music: Alex Michalsky

The Body Inside Me: Julia Eichten (US) 6min

A dance film featuring sounds from the Vermont wilderness. Working with the dualities of nature I feed off of its frenetic and serene qualities. Combining drone and intimate moving shots to create a thrilling experience of performance in nature.
Concept & choreography: Julia Eichten


T.I.A.D.A: Diego Vázquez with TCUNAM (MX) 10min

T.I.A.D.A. Work in progress talks about five emotional states that a human being usually experiences when going through the complex journey of sexual identity: sadness, anger, anxiety, depersonalization and acceptance, hence the acronym T.I.A.D.A.
Concept & choreography: Diego VázquezMusic: Andrés Solís Edition & postproduction: Renato González
Interpretation: Dancers ofTCUNAM